I am Ludovica Angelica Giusti and I am the Founder of Ludonation Foundation!


Our MissioN

Ludonation is a space for International Students to express their talents and passions in a foreign place.

We make a living by what we make, but we make a life by what we give
— Winston Churchill , Former British Prime Minister

What We've Achieved

Listed below are our past, present and future accomplishments 

  • Held a Ludonation Day downtown Salt Lake City to promote our organization and expand our outreach towards International Students.
  • Ludonation was invited to speak at the 2nd World Parliament on Spirituality delivering a speech on Peace for the 2016 Global Peace Initiative.
  • Presented upcoming International Festival Project to UVU ISC & Int'l Students, and The Legacy Initiative Board.
  • Released "Courage," a mission song for all people affected by the earthquake crisis in Italy and reached 56K people.
  • Recently donated 5,000 Clothing Items to the homeless down-town Salt Lake City, UT. 
  • Feb. 25th 2017 - Presented to Days for Girls at the annual Girl Scouts of Utah Conference.
  • July 1st 2017 - Hanging Around the World International Festival will take place, which mission is to raise scholarship money and donate it to the international students and refugees of Utah who are struggling the most getting through higher education.