Thoughts from the Director

Working on this Project has shined a fascinating light over our world's different cultures that I have never experienced before. At times, I felt that, I was perhaps the one learning more from it all and it felt so humbling and enriching at the same time. As the models from their native countries would dress me with their beautiful wear and ornaments I would feel empowered, honor and most importantly accepted while standing before them. I've learned that no matter where you are from you are part of a world full of culture and unique beauty that you can partake of. By allowing cultural appreciation occur in our hearts, we will notice that our inner barriers will fall and our outer differences disappear. As we innocently joked around our cultural differences and the distinct concepts of beauty, we understood that we could do it peacefully and respectfully. Wearing 12 different countries' traditional wear has been a noble endeavor. My hope is that we can be one, United perhaps, in the vision, beauty and love for all. 

Ludovica A. Giusti

CEO of Ludonation & Unite Calendar Project Director